Akash Prakash, Junior Software Engineer, joins Solnet

Akash Prakash, Junior Software Engineer


We are pleased to welcome Akash Prakash to the Auckland Delivery practice. As a Junior Software Engineer, Akash will be working with our senior development team on a greenfields project.

While Akash recently graduated from the University of Auckland with a Master's Degree in Information Technology specialising in web development, he is enjoying his second career. Akash has a biomedical science background and spent several years in the biotech industry before deciding to retrain.

“I wanted to change to a more fast-paced industry, while pursuing my hobby”, says Akash. “There’s always something new to learn in tech’, which keeps things exciting, and it also means you have to stay up to date. This feeds my desire to keep learning, and gives me new challenges to work on. I am focused on front-end development at the moment, as I enjoy creating responsive and intuitive UIs for key stakeholders”.

After an internship with Theta, where he got hands on experience developing a web application from scratch, Akash wanted to get into a professional role in his new field.

“I’m really looking forward to working within a tightknit team to develop something new”.

In his spare time, Akash enjoys taking his dog Bowser for walks, as well as PC gaming.