Blake Hattingh, Junior Software Engineer, joins Solnet


Blake Hattingh, Junior Software Developer 

Solnet is pleased to welcome Blake Hattingh, Junior Software Engineer, who has joined Solnet as part of our incubator team. He will work on developing a greenfields project with other graduates and senior team members. He is excited about starting out in a ‘startup-esque’ position.

"I’m involved in the full process of brainstorming and ideation. I enjoy working with technology but I am also loving the creativity”, says Blake.

Blake is about to graduate from the University of Auckland with a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering (Honours). He is completing his practical work element with Solnet, now that his coursework is done.

“I am keen to really develop my technical skills. It’s been neat to see how competent the grad’s who joined the team last year are. I'll be very happy if I can get that far in just a year.”

Outside of work, Blake enjoys rock climbing, Brazilian jujitsu, and playing the piano and guitar.