Carlos Reyneke joins Solnet, from Deloitte, as Data and Cognitive Solutions Consultant

Carlos Reyneke

Solnet is pleased to welcome Carlos Reyneke, who has joined our Business Advisory practice. Carlos brings more than 20 years’ IT experience to the practice, with a focus on data analytics, cloud, and data management practices, especially with respect to machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Carlos enables clients to extract every bit of value from organisational data by making the most of data assets. He specialises in helping companies adopt cloud governance best practices, and leveraging associated technologies, as tools to unleash data-driven insights.

“Many organisations are experiencing the same problem; a mountain of data that’s growing by the second”, says Carlos. “It’s a never-ending battle. I help clients manage this issue by finding smart, practical ways to cope with the sheer volume of data, and building skill and technology capabilities to discover insights”.

While Carlos assists clients in realising the benefits of cloud, he’s also acutely aware that things can get out of control if there is insufficient consideration of the cost side of the equation. This is why he treats cloud financial management as an essential focus.

“The cloud has changed everything. Cloud maturity is becoming very important, as it’s now clear using a lift and shift approach is often just the first step. Organisations need to refactor and adopt new practices to make the most of data assets and the cloud. It’s about understanding the opportunities to manage data intelligently, while relentlessly optimising costs, to achieve better business outcomes”.

If you would like to connect with Carlos to discuss how he can help your organisation progress with data and unlocking insights, please connect with him on LinkedIn or by email.