Our Top 10 takeaways from the Chief Customer Officer conference

Did you make it to the Chief Customer Officer conference, which recently took place in Auckland? 

Just in case you missed it, we've taken the time to summarise our top 10 takeaways. 

Just to recap:

1. Establish your horizons of growth.
Benchmark where you and the customer are. Set goals for maturity and progress.

2. Match the employee journey to the customer journey.
Align resources and capabilities by understanding how the two run together.

3. Differentiation comes from the human experience.
Ask yourself: where can humans deliver the most value?

4. Bring the language of the customer into the business.
Have a common internal language and toolkit.

5. Ask questions.
To challenge the status quo internally, instead of asking ‘why can’t we?’ ask ‘how could we?’

6. Culture drives behaviour.
Developing a customer-centric culture requires both a top-down and a bottom-up approach.

7. Hire for customer capability and high EQ.
Then give employees the trust, permission and tools to deliver.

8. Customers want different levels of control.
Control is important, but the right balance is needed between people and technology.

9. How do we create experiences people want?
Design ‘with’ customers, not ‘for’ customers.

10. Evidence matters.
Create learning loops and become obsessed with customer insight. Measure customer effort at every step.