Digital transformation: why we need game plans, playbooks and rapid delivery

Having recently explored the steps we take with an organisation to achieve Trusted Data Management, we wanted to delve further into how we do this…and how and why we do it rapidly.

While there isn’t always a straight road that gets you to where you want to be in your digital transformation, it’s essential to have a foundational methodology that guides the journey and delivers concrete results quickly.

For us at Solnet, it’s about pragmatism and value delivery. Your success, and helping you get there, is our key focus. We draw on our real-life experiences to shed light on what needs to happen on Monday, what needs to happen next week, what will be done next month, and so on.  

For us, delivering real value means we:

  • identify what is important to you: challenges, opportunities, goals
  • design a business solution: with rapid delivery of proof of concept encompassing people, process, data and platforms
  • implement: rapid realisation of value for real users through swift iterations
  • scale and optimise: enable scaling and adoption, commit to knowledge sharing, sustainability.

And we believe so strongly in this approach, we’ve developed an entire framework around it.

Our Trusted Data game plan

There are 6 core plays to achieving trusted data at an organisation-wide level:

  1. Data strategy
  2. Data governance
  3. Data products and services
  4. Data architecture
  5. Data platforms
  6. Data privacy, security and value

We have a playbook for each, which we call the Accelerator Framework.

This framework clearly articulates our rapid delivery process, and keeps us on track as we engage with you and collaborate with Informatica to bring about your digital transformation.

The Accelerator Framework

Let’s say you are starting at the grassroots level.

Until now, your organisation has operated under a highly siloed approach, without any real understanding of what data you have, why it is valuable, and how it could and should be managed and leveraged to save you time and money. 

In starting your digital transformation, your strategy must include data governance (Trusted Data Management), i.e.:

How will you connect, collect, store, manage and consume data, while ensuring its quality long after your initial transformational efforts and successes?

Effective data governance is the bedrock of any digital transformation; because without it, you cannot be assured of compliance, relevance, accuracy, or timeliness of the information you need.

In fact, data governance was named as one of the top 5 issues for NZ directors in 2018*, with 87% of executives stating that they believe data governance programs are critical to organisational transformation efforts.

With this in mind, a proven methodology for implementing data governance is essential.

Our data governance Accelerator is our playbook for rapid data governance delivery and allows us to:

  • rapidly assess your environment
  • formulate a fit for purpose approach while leveraging existing assets
  • apply progressive data architecture patterns
  • implement appropriate data platforms
  • integrate with existing systems
  • ensure performance and risk management
  • encourage organisation-wide adoption
  • evaluate opportunities for scale

Our team works directly with Informatica, who provide the cutting edge data tools and platforms, and augment our own technical expertise, throughout the design and implementation phases.  

Every project we work on – from a small-scale change to a massive transformation – employs the systematic Accelerator framework to deliver on-target, pragmatic and rapid outcomes.

Why? Because experience has told us the story of the key drivers, challenges and objectives our clients face. It has allowed us to anticipate these ahead of time, so we can meet challenges and achieve objectives quickly and practically.

At the core, remember that your digital transformation is about your people. And while we can talk all day about what your people need, we’re never going to know if their needs are met until we give them something tangible to try.

This means real products delivered in a real way, so real staff can provide real feedback.

It’s a game plan and a playbook for success based on real-world success…not just words on a page.

To see our Accelerator Framework, or to find out how we can provide rapid delivery of Informatica data platforms to your organisation, please contact our Data-Driven Transformation Director, Milutin Rmandic.

* Data governance is one of top five issues for NZ directors in 2018