Divya Jain joins Solnet’s ERP practice

Divya Jain, Python developer


Divya Jain has joined Solnet’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) practice as a Python developer. She will focus on addressing client business needs by delivering tailored software solutions that optimise and streamline operations. She has well-rounded capabilities, including in frontend technology such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, HTML5, and leading JavaScript frameworks, as well as backend development using Python 3 and the Django 2 framework.

Most recently, Divya worked as a ‘full stack’ development contractor helping clients achieve their business goals.

"I’m still pretty new to New Zealand”, Divya says, “I’m really enjoying this beautiful country. It’s exciting to continue to learn and grow in my new role, and I’m looking forward to helping our clients realise their goals with the right ERP solutions for their business”.

Divya started her career in digital marketing and content writing but stumbled upon a  passion for coding while working with developers to complete design changes. As any marketer knows, developers are integral to maintaining and enhancing websites, and this collaboration inspired Divya’s curiosity. Her interest blossomed into a new career path as she sought to learn as much as possible, and began directly contributing to development efforts. Currently, Divya is learning about any technology that captures her interest. AWS is her latest tech-crush, and she is looking forward to achieving associated certifications in the near future.