Hariharan Karuppasamy, Senior Software Engineer, joins Solnet

Hariharan Karuppasamy, Senior Software Engineer


Hariharan (Hari) Karuppasamy, Senior Software Engineer, joins the Enterprise Support practice based in Wellington. Hari will focus on resolving client problems, both in existing solutions, and by analysing, designing, and coding information systems to create software solutions that meet client needs.

“I like figuring out how things work and coming up with solutions that solve business problems”, says Hari. “I enjoy the challenge. I also strive to deliver the best quality code I can as it’s more expensive to find and fix bugs later. Any solution, if it doesn’t work in production, is not valuable”. 

Hari started his career as a Java programmer and has a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. Prior to his role at Solnet, he travelled to the UK from India to work onsite with a British telecom. In 2013, Hari moved to New Zealand, where he most recently worked for DXC Technology carrying out application enhancement and support for a large Government agency.

Hari has a passion for working with modern technologies and likes learning about new frameworks and tools. Learning gives Hari a personal accomplishment and a reason to look forward to each new day. He plans to upskill in cloud technologies, specifically AWS.

Hari has two kids who keep him busy outside of work. He also enjoys attending technology-focused meetups.