Helping Lotto NZ develop and deploy SMS based messaging services

Lotto NZ's text service is a SMS based messaging service which integrates within Lotto NZ's existing systems, augmenting other communications channels used by the business to drive engagement with customers.

With the text service, players can opt-in to receive a message reminder letting them know what the Powerball jackpot is. If they'd like to buy a ticket, they can simply reply YES and their favourite ticket will be purchased for them and added to their MyLotto account. 

Lotto NZ's text service is part of the business' focus on making playing Lotto more convenient for customers and is the latest in a series of digital innovations for Lotto players in recent years including the popular Lotto NZ App. The text service has received positive uptake from customers, with around 2,000 tickets purchased through the service every week. 

You can Read more about the project here