How to choose the right partner to design and build your Common Web Platform project

With the introduction of the Web Services Panel which is supported by the Common Web Platform (CWP), it is now far easier for every agency to establish its own digital channel, while sharing common underpinnings and services. That’s important because, on the one hand it accelerates the ability to create highly effective web applications with rich functionality, while on the other it allows for easy interagency information exchange. 

Creating or enhancing your agency’s digital channel, however, still depends on access to the right expertise, proven track record and people power to make the digital extension of your services to the citizen happen. This is especially true where online transactions require integration with existing systems within your agency, or with third parties.    

Track record and capability

What should you look for which will attest to that partner’s capability?  Start by assessing credibility and expertise - track record matters. If you are looking to use the SilverStripe Content Management System on the CWP, you’ll want to see proven capability in delivering at-scale implementations and ongoing enterprise-level support and enhancement on this platform.

Specific experience of development of full featured websites using the CWP with other government agencies is a big plus (after all, that’s what you require), including a complete understanding of the full range of additional services which are available from the Web Services Panel to build your web presence (check these out for yourself here). These services are componentised and, when drawn upon (usually as a combination), allow for the creation of rich web applications which give citizens the ability for ‘self-service’ and integrate into back-end government systems. 


Knowledge from across government

New Zealand is among leading countries when it comes to delivering advanced web functionality to bring government closer to the people – and there are great examples which can be drawn upon to help deliver impressive digital experiences. Your selected partner should demonstrate their awareness of, and ability to, take those examples and apply them to your advantage. 

In addition to the specifics of designing and creating large scale, highly functional, digital channels which integrate back end systems and services so that citizens can interact effectively with your department, there are the standard measures to assess your chosen partner. Do they have a track record of on-time, on-budget delivery? Do they have the capacity, in terms of human and other resources, to take on substantial work?


Combining other technologies and services 

The combination of the Web Services Panel and CWP make it a great way to create a fresh and modern digital experience. Alongside this, the government’s Web Services Panel has made it easier than ever to find and procure a supplier of these services. Solnet is one of the few providers on the new Web Services Panel who can offer you a completely end-to-end solution from digital strategy through to implementation, support and enhancement. Along with a superior track record and the technical depth to work alongside your internal technology teams, an integrated approach means all parts of your project are aligned and not lost between suppliers.

With Solnet as a partner, you can develop so much more in terms of making your services available to market. 

Talk to us about building with the CWP. You’ll be glad you did.

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