Max Osipov joins Solnet as Customer Executive

Max Ossipov, Customer Executive, Solnet

Max Osipov joins Solnet in Auckland to develop new business opportunities and expand strategic partnerships.

“I’m excited to be part of the team and to be working side-by-side with so many highly-experienced subject matter experts”, said Max. “The breadth and depth of Solnet’s services and customer engagement model enables the development of fruitful long-term partnerships”.

Creating value for businesses is Max’s core focus. He does this by uncovering the potential for business success by applying technology and innovation in practical ways.

Max appreciates how vital it is for organisations to be continually upskilling and growing to remain competitive in a digital world. He values collaboration, and knows how important it is to bring people with diverse backgrounds, education, and professional interests together to solve complex problems.

“I have enjoyed the ICT industry for more than 16 years, working globally across complex environments including commercial, government, and banking projects. Solnet’s customer-centric philosophy and long-standing integrity align well with my experience and way of thinking”.

Max’s passion outside of work is kitesurfing. With over 20 years in the sport, he is currently coaching two teams.

If you would like to connect with Max to talk about what's happening in your business, you can connect on LinkedIn or by email.