New Salesforce partnership for Solnet

Solnet, a leading New Zealand provider of digital and technology innovation to government and private enterprise, is now a Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Mark Botherway, Managing Director of Solnet, said the new partnership reflects both the company’s growth and its ongoing commitment to aligning Solnet’s services to technology domains that resonate with its clients.

“We are seeing more and more organisations thinking strategically about what components they need in place to maximise their return on digital transformation. This is especially true when it comes to connecting up customer data. Sometimes Salesforce is a key enabler, and in those cases we want to be in a position to assist our clients to realise the associated benefits.”

“Solnet’s expertise lies in developing connected applications that leverage information from Salesforce, often combined with other data sources and/or systems to deliver additional value and differentiation. This is not always straightforward and requires sophisticated enterprise-class skills; an area in which Solnet has an excellent track record,” said Botherway.

Botherway says the company’s recent success with a large enterprise project involving a Salesforce-connected-application proves the value of suitably skilled partners like Solnet.

“We engaged with a major player in the agribusiness sector to extend their Salesforce implementation. At an enterprise level, it made real sense for them to get their customer data into one place and then wrap extended functionality around it. Solnet was able to assist with technical strategy and leadership to ensure that full value was realised from the project,” said Botherway.

According to Botherway, the Salesforce partnership is a continuation of its strategy to ensure Solnet’s tools, technologies, techniques and talent, are aligned to deliver world-class outcomes to its Kiwi clients, helping them to remain relevant, competitive and successful in a digital world.

“We are being quite deliberate in our thinking around digital platforms; actively exploring partnerships and technologies that we believe can offer significant value to the market. This includes investigating how both business and government clients can utilise the likes of AI, Bots and other maturing technologies,” said Botherway.