Odoo becomes the biggest enterprise App Store with 10,000 apps

One of the reasons we love the Odoo product and think it's perfect for New Zealand businesses is the range of Apps that you can access. Most businesses in New Zealand move quickly, with low overheads. They don't have time to develop large scale apps or purchase expensive software which may or may not work out. With the Odoo App Store you can pick and mix by industry and business function, to find what's right for you. Just as you add apps to your phone to build out features and abilities, you can do the same in your business with Odoo. 

Odoo launched their App Store two years ago and there are already 10,000 integrated apps available, with an average of 12 new apps released every day. Over the course of a month around 80,000 apps are downloaded by Odoo users globally. Like all official Odoo features, the apps in the App Store are fully integrated with each other in order to automate a company's business flows.

From our perspective, the most impressive thing is that 86% of the apps are open source, meaning Odoo customers can access and use them for free.  Approximately 1,400 additional apps are available for purchase (priced from $1-$1500 depending on size and complexity). Whenever we need additional functionality for ourselves or our clients, the App Store is always our first stop. Why reinvent the wheel when we can get up and running quickly and at a much lower cost?

Another great piece of thinking in terms of how the Odoo App Store is arranged is that it includes sorting by vertical or industry. This is a great way to keep up with what the latest thinking is by industry or easily drill down into exactly what you need to get that missing piece of functionality.  

Our clients often find that putting in the base platform for Odoo is simply the first step, from there it's about looking to see what else can be brought into the system, removing the duplication of data, streamlining operations and building out their platform into a true piece of business management software.

Take a look at the Odoo App Store to see what's in there for you at apps.odoo.com or talk to us about how to take advantage of the Odoo App Store in your operation.