Solnet appointed to All-of-Government Web Services Panel


Wellington 11 May 2017 – Solnet, a leading New Zealand provider of digital and technology innovation to government and private enterprise, today announced that it is now an approved supplier for a wider range of  services following its appointment to the All-of-Government Web Services Panel.

The appointment to the panel reflects Solnet’s expertise across a variety of digital disciplines, ranging from information architecture through to visual design, native application development and on-going technical support.

“We are very pleased to be part of the New Zealand Government’s Web Services Panel. It’s a recognition of our team’s credentials and our position in the market as an end-to-end services provider,” says Mark Botherway, Solnet’s Managing Director.

“Solnet has many years of experience, and an outstanding track-record, delivering and supporting sophisticated solutions across government and we’re looking forward to extending this,” says Botherway.

As an approved member of the All-of-Government Web Services Panel, Solnet will provide the following services via the panel procurement process:

  • Information Architecture 
  • Content Design 
  • User Insight 
  • Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Application Testing 
  • Visual Design 
  • Front-end Development 
  • Back-end Development 
  • Native App Development 
  • Ongoing Technical Support 

Botherway says the New Zealand Government’s commitment to digitising services will result in far better outcomes for the customers of various agencies.

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunity for government to significantly improve services delivery through innovation, and look forward to our continued contribution to the implementation of world-class government digital services,” says Botherway.

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