Solnet welcomes Daniel Gibbs, Junior Software Engineer

Daniel Gibbs, Junior Software Engineer


Solnet welcomes Daniel Gibbs, a recent graduate of Victoria University. A computer science major, Daniel studied a range of different technologies. He is currently upskilling with the help of senior team members and sinking his teeth into solving real-world problems for Solnet’s clients.

“I enjoy coming up with solutions to problems using up-to-date tech. It’s exciting to solve problems in the best way possible to meet needs”, says Daniel. “In tech, there are so many things to learn; there’s never a reason to stop growing”.

Daniel looks forward to his journey at Solnet and appreciates joining a culture focused on personal growth. “At Solnet, I feel I can learn to be the best software engineer possible”.

Daniel is interested in learning more about front-end web design and cloud computing.

“We’re pleased to have Daniel; it’s always rewarding nurturing up-and-coming talent”, says Phill Stallworthy, Enterprise Support Manager. “I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops his skillset”.