Solnet welcomes Daniel Lees, Infrastructure Engineer

 Daniel Lees

Solnet is pleased to welcome Daniel Lees who has joined our team as an Infrastructure Engineer, based in Wellington. Daniel joins us from Deloitte, where he started out as an intern and transitioned into a cloud engineering and infrastructure role.

In his role at Solnet, Daniel looks after our clients’ core systems to keep them running well. He also ensures developers can build applications on these systems in a consistent and secure way. Daniel is passionate about waste reduction in IT, and regarding the environment. With technical infrastructure, waste often occurs when work is done without fully considering long-term impacts. Daniel sees the work Solnet does with clients as an opportunity to optimise, save energy expended, and reduce costs.

“I enjoy problem solving”, says Daniel. “I like seeking information and having the opportunity to consider how things can be done better. I see the work I do as a partnership with the client. The main thing is enabling our client to express their needs so we can achieve the best results”.

One of the results of the work Daniel does is simplifying systems so they are easier to analyse, meaning processes can be broken down in a way that’s easy to grasp without in-depth technical knowhow.

Outside of work, Daniel is a keen trail runner, and it’s often on these excursions that he comes up with his best ideas.