Solnet welcomes Jarred Naicker, Junior Software Engineer

Jarred Naicker, Junior Software Developer


Jarred Naicker recently joined Solnet as a Junior Software Engineer. He will work on developing a greenfields project with other graduates and senior team members. 

Jarred is finishing his bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Auckland University of Technology, and could not help but apply for a graduate role at Solnet. 

"The opportunity was exactly what I wanted to be doing as soon as I finished university, so I thought I would give it a go, and see what happened", says Jarred. "I am enjoying the work a lot. It is satisfying to create; coding something, and have it work and be used.”

Before joining Solnet, he completed an internship that provided practical work experience. Jarred has always been drawn to technical work: "Coding came naturally to me; I think, because, it just made sense. Coding made me think about things in the world differently. I enjoy figuring out how stuff works. No matter if I'm working on something old or new, problems always need to be solved, and I find that fun, even if it can be frustrating at times."

Outside of work, Jarred spends time gaming, and working on cars.