Solnet welcomes Ryan Bircham, Junior Software Engineer

Ryan Bircham, Junior Software Engineer

We are pleased to welcome Ryan Bircham to the Auckland Delivery practice. Ryan is a graduate of AUT and holds a Bachelor of Computer Information Science with a Major in Software Development.

Ryan gained a great deal of practical experience through two internships - the first with a well-known payroll solutions provider and the second with a prominent New Zealand bank. After his final year project, Ryan sought to sink his teeth into an exciting professional role. As a Junior Software Engineer, Ryan will be working with our senior development team on a greenfields project.

"I'm excited to be building code, troubleshooting problems, and working with a team", says Ryan. "I instantly felt included by the culture at Solnet, and I feel I am adding to the team rather than just trying to fit in".

Ryan got into computer science in high school because his mates encouraged him to try it, given his passion for maths and physics. A hunger to learn more took over; by the end of school, Ryan knew he was on the right path.

Ryan was the founding president of the AUT Computer Science Club in 2018 and the President of AUT Computer Science and Engineering Association from 2019-20. He also helped organise a hackathon that drew 300 students and professionals.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys learning about technology and gaming.