Solnet welcomes Sundaresan Thandavan, DevOps Engineer

Sundaresan Thandavan, DevOps Engineer

Solnet welcomes Sundaresan Thandavan, DevOps Engineer, who recently joined the Platforms team.

Based in Wellington, Sundaresan will support client development and operations teams by working across both areas to integrate tools, improve automation, and simplify processes, for better, faster delivery.

He has significant experience in this domain and has worked at organisations in India, serving clients in the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States. He moved to New Zealand in 2014.

Sundaresan takes pride in doing everything possible to ensure DevOps success: “I am passionate about sharing knowledge and giving teams the freedom to apply learnings. We can achieve anything through continuous learning, collaboration, commitment, and by looking to the lessons of the past. I’m always willing to help, and I work well with people from many diverse backgrounds and across all areas and levels of the organisation”.

Microsoft tools and technology, particularly Azure DevOps are of particular interest.

In his spare time, Sundaresan is a language (Tamil) and maths teacher, working with kids aged 5-10.