TechHub showcases IT & engineering in schools

When you were growing up, did you ever consider a career in IT, engineering or coding? The answer will overwhelmingly be ‘no’. Why not?

The world is changing quickly and technology is a driving force. While at school, if you had been exposed to more information about opportunities in technology, what might you be doing today? Building drones, experimenting with artificial intelligence, or designing experiences using augmented reality?

And what about today’s school leavers? Would you be excited to hear they’re inspired to pursue a career in technology? We think you should be and this is why we support TechHub, an IT Professionals New Zealand initiative spreading the word in schools about such opportunities.

techhub web logo

TechHub is a career evangelist programme delivering presentations in schools across New Zealand, annually reaching approximately 50,000 students from diverse backgrounds. IT and software professionals aim to inspire kids by introducing them to the depth and breadth of roles the sector has to offer. The programme includes a national digital challenge and career expos.

The Tahi Rua Toru/123Tech Challenge asks students of all levels to identify everyday problems and solve them using digital technologies. 

Solnet believes it’s important to the future of our people, our communities and our country that there be broad interest in technical fields. We are pleased to share we are a silver level partner supporting TechHub.

Tahi Rua Toru Tech Challenge! from ITP New Zealand on Vimeo.