Toby Stayner, Product Software Engineer, joins Solnet

Toby Stayner, Product Software Engineer


Solnet welcomes Toby Stayner, Product Software Engineer, who recently joined Solent’s Research and Development team. Based in Wellington, he will work on developing software products that solve complex real-world problems for organisations.

Toby subscribes to Elon Musk’s philosophy of not complaining about how bad the world is, but rather changing the world. “Don’t complain about problems”, says Toby. “If there is a problem, build a solution. I honestly believe in that, and I am excited to work on something cutting edge”.

Toby recently graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree majoring in Software Engineering. He previously gained some practical experience over the summer through an internship, but he is looking forward to working on greenfields projects.

Outside of work, Toby enjoys keeping fit and gaming.