What a digital government looks like

Many of us have been forced to adopt advanced digital tools and different ways of working to overcome the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 lockdown, from teachers to office workers to government employees.

Many of the changes may be temporary, but some will be permanent, not least are our rapidly evolving expectations of what should be achievable online and/or from home.

It is almost certain that as a result, government will need to further invest, and at a greater pace, to digitise more functions. 

In Anna Piperal’s Ted talk, hear how her home country, Estonia, has become the world leader in delivering digital government, leveraging your unique identity to provide the key to access almost every government service electronically. 

“One of the features of modern life that has no reason to exist anymore, considering technological possibilities of today, is the labyrinth of bureaucracy”, says Anna Piperal when speaking of digital government.

“All the complicated paper-based formal procedures [of government] are supposed [to build trust]. Except they don't. They just make life more complicated. The Estonian experience is showing that technology can be the remedy for getting trust back, while creating an efficient, user-centric, service delivery system that actively responds to citizens' needs.”

Listen to Piperal’s Ted Talk for more about delivering digital government and the key principals that have enabled success.


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