The challenge

A leading national New Zealand bank is in the midst of a digital transformation to enhance its position as a customer-led and people-focused organisation. To be successful with this transition, internal business changes are required and these, in turn, need to be supported by technology.

With the bank’s IT team heavily focused on delivering new solutions in support of its overall business goals, who was available to maintain existing systems? This is where Solnet’s Enterprise Support stepped in.

Our solution 

Solnet has a long-standing history of providing enterprise software support to government and private organisations. Our team can look after established environments while our clients focus their people and resources on innovation.

Solnet reviewed several of the bank's legacy systems and was able to offer a cost-effective service to remove the day-to-day burden of supporting them from the in-house team. As a result, Solnet now maintains some key front-line and back-office systems for the bank.

Taking support to the next level

The bank’s customers may notice visible differences when they visit its website. What is not so obvious are the cultural, process and system changes needed to deliver new services and products. The bank’s transformation has been data-driven and agile, which has significantly impacted its information technology needs.

When Solnet first took on responsibility for supporting these systems, there was a long-standing backlog of issues.  Our engineering team rose to the challenge, clearing the backlog within a short period, delighting the bank’s staff.

Solnet provides 24x7 technical support. If there’s an issue, the bank rings 0800 SOLNET and an engineer, capable of diagnosing the problem down to a line of code, is on the job.

Support team

Solnet has quickly and efficiently come up to speed on various systems and provides the support we need. It has freed us up to focus on delivering the bank’s digital strategy.

Financial services support

Maintaining on-demand customer experiences

The applications Solnet supports and maintains allow the bank’s customers to apply for and manage services and products, any time of day.

It’s an essential and visible part of the business that must keep running. As the bank’s systems were built up over many years, using a wide array of technologies, it’s quite a complex ecosystem. Solnet’s expert team is on hand to support the application stack, and deliver changes and enhancements as needed.

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