About Harbour Asset Management

Founded in Wellington in 2009, Harbour Asset Management is one of New Zealand’s most highly rated investment managers. We take pride in delivering market-leading investment outcomes for our clients. 

Our clients include KiwiSaver funds, charitable trusts, iwi, government institutions, corporate superannuation funds and financial advisors.

Our goal is to be the most trusted fund manager in New Zealand, and this informs everything.

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The challenge

Harbour’s brand presence has grown immensely in the past few years and we had undertaken a visual re-branding in 2016. Our old website did not reflect these developments. In addition, adding or downloading data, such as information around performance, was a manual process.

We wanted to reduce the number of hours our team spent performing manual work so they could focus on more value-add work. We also knew automating processes, such as adding newsletter signup contact details to our CRM, would allow us to communicate better with our clients, and give them the information they want faster. 



Lastly, most website content was hard coded, which meant we were constantly engaging with external resources to make any changes.

With a growing client base, we felt it was vital to ensure that people could access the information they needed without hassle. We needed an online presence which reflected where our company is moving and was user-friendly for all the different types of people and organisations that invest with us.

To do this, we needed a partner who could guide us on our digital journey.  


A great pairing

We chose to partner with Solnet because their team demonstrated the right mix of technical skill and knowledge about what works best for the end users.

Their team were open to suggestions and collaboration and brought new ideas to the table. Solnet’s team were also very careful to align the scope of their work to our goals and focused on pinpointing a solution which would work for our team and our clients.

The end result

Solnet delivered a flexible, modern website which put the power back into our team’s hands. The modular setup reuses page components so there’s less code to manage. Our team is now free to tweak and add content, as well as new pages, without external help.

Web updates that used to take half a day are now completed in moments. Our team can update information located in multiple different places by just uploading one file.

Our website is now integrated so details people enter into online forms are stored securely in our CRM. The amount of hours and days saved are quickly adding up!

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