Health New Zealand leads our national health and disability system and has overall responsibility for managing and developing that system. As part of keeping Kiwis healthy and informed, Health New Zealand's responsibilities include administering legislation and associated regulations.

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The challenge

Health New Zealand must swiftly respond to regulatory changes that impact health and wellbeing. Data collection, retention, and reporting are integral to generating meaningful insights that inform health decisions and demonstrate Ministry of Health is achieving its mandate.

Recent legislative changes created a need to quickly adapt operations to enable faster data collection and reporting.

Like many organisations, Health New Zealand uses multiple technologies, systems, and data sources, to carry out its mission. This, combined with some aging technology components, means that the cost of delivering change at pace can be high.

The solution

To assist Health New Zealand in implementing regulatory changes, Solnet was asked to quickly create a bespoke solution. To enable this, Solnet chose a cloud-native approach.

What we did:

• Digitised operational processes to manage compliance, improve operations, and enhance data transparency.

• Implemented a serverless solution, minimising operating costs.

• Implemented operational tools and procedures to support a reliable and secure operating environment.

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Building a new application 

Solnet created a cloud-based application (hosted on AWS) to manage compliance, improve operations, and enhance data transparency. The solution streamlined processes that were previously carried out using paper forms, requiring a great deal of human effort to organise, store, analyse, and report, on data.

Speed was a critical part of the delivery, and the solution was built over the course of a few short sprints to produce a minimum viable product (MVP). Within four weeks, a functional product was available, allowing Health New Zealand to comply with the new regulations.


Using serverless to optimise operating conditions

Solnet built a secure, serverless, online form (using AWS Lamda) that allows medical professionals to enter data. Not only was the solution delivered at speed, and at minimal cost, there were also considerable additional benefits to the approach.

Instead of paying to keep physical, on-prem servers running 24/7, Health New Zealand only incurs costs associated with the use of the application. Further, reports can be run at any time to extract information needed for compliance. Lastly, to provide a rich management environment at minimal cost, the solution leverages CloudWatch (an AWS monitoring service).

The solution Solnet created was so successful that it was used to effectively update another related area that required better data visibility and reporting.

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Maintaining and securing critical systems  

Solnet maintains critical systems to keep them up-to-date and secure.

Solnet has a team of highly experienced professionals on hand who support, and can even augment, internal IT teams when needed. Our experts are currently working closely with Health New Zealand to support the operational and maintenance needs of several solutions hosted on AWS.

Why did Health New Zealand choose Solnet? 

• Experience and skillset (AWS accredited professionals)

• Culture fit

• Speed

Solnet offers the right mix of skills and experience in cloud services to ensure investments deliver maximum benefits. There’s nothing better than getting good, plain advice, and gaining a clear plan of attack for complex work. Solnet never shies away from challenges and ensures that any hurdles to success are quickly overcome through expertise, collaboration with internal teams, and maintaining a flexible approach.

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a powerful platform for digital business 

Health New Zealand chose AWS cloud technology due to its reliability, features, performance, flexibility, security, and cost effectiveness.

AWS is a major global provider of cloud services with a solid track record, making it a trusted brand. AWS recently announced plans to open a data centre in New Zealand, showing strong commitment to our corner of the world.


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