The challenge

Lotto NZ wanted to create a fresh gaming experience to complement its Lucky Fortune Scratchie tickets.

How do you add a unique twist to an Instant Kiwi game? By combining expertise in leading-edge technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), with the drive to innovate.

The result: an engaging digital experience for Lotto NZ customers.

The solution

To deliver a great customer experience, Solnet focused on strategy. Sometimes bringing a concept to life is more about drawing on strong partnerships to offer the best possible end-to-end solution.

Completing the mobile app in time to welcome the Year of the Dog meant developing a 3D AR environment in a relatively short amount of time, so Solnet collaborated with Imersia Reality, a local company known for its rapid AR development portal.

What can Lotto NZ customers expect?

The Lucky Fortune 3D Scratchie App, which can be downloaded from Android Play Store or the Apple Store, works with QR barcode scanning technology.

Once a user scans the barcode located on the front of the Lucky Fortune Instant Kiwi ticket, a 3D village environment is revealed. Users can explore the different buildings by tilting the scratch ticket or moving their mobile phone around to investigate the space. There’s also a game to play in this environment where users tap on rising lanterns to reveal whether they’ve won.

Work on the Lucky Fortune mobile app began in September 2017. Completing a customer experience with this level of interaction in only 3.5 months showcases the importance of pairing the right expertise with sound strategy and technology.



village thumb

Developing in more than two dimensions

Designing a 3D AR space has its challenges.

To keep the application at a manageable size for mobile phones now in use, there are some limitations on how nuanced and complex the environment can be. The outcome of good design thinking is a fluid and entertaining customer experience.

Starting with six potential design ideas, Lotto NZ and Imersia worked together to storyboard the customer journey and work out every detail presented in the app, down to how the lanterns would pop.



We’re pleased with the outcome of the app partnership with Solnet and Imersia. The project was well managed, delivered on time, and provides a new fun way to play our Lucky Fortune Instant Kiwi game.

Claire Gutzewitz Lotto NZ

Connecting technology for a seamless customer experience

Solnet programmed the Lotto NZ API to work with the mobile application.

By effectively integrating these systems users gain seamless interaction.

Further, a winning ticket is verified upon completing the digital experience because the mobile app connects with Lotto NZ's systems.


What are the possibilities?

Augmented reality is changing the way we view our world.

Imagine going to the museum and taking a one-on-one guided tour with your mobile phone ... or standing in a room filled with dinosaur bones coming to life in a way you’ve only been able to imagine.

If you’re interested in leading the way by creating an experience like this for your customers, feel free to get in touch.

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