The challenge

Winning a large sum of money and quitting ordinary life ...

We’re all working on this one, but Lotto NZ specifically asked Solnet to help them make it easier for everyday Kiwis to enter the draw for the ultimate jackpot.

Knowing that most of us are on-the-go and only have a few spare minutes to purchase a ticket, Solnet worked out how to integrate Lotto NZ’s systems with mobile technology to make it easier than ever to play Lotto.   

Our solution

Our team dreamed up a handy SMS based text service as most Kiwis now carry a mobile device with them. This service is the latest in a series of digital innovations for Lotto players in recent years, including the popular Lotto NZ App.

Players can now opt-in to receive a message reminder letting them know what the Powerball jackpot is. If customers would like to buy a ticket, they can simply reply "YES" and their favourite ticket will be purchased for them and added to their MyLotto account. The text service has received positive uptake from customers, with around 2,000 tickets purchased through the service every week.

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A 100-day project using Agile methodologies from ideation to market

Working with Lotto NZ's development team, Solnet helped create a product that met the organisation's need and launched it to market within 100 days. The team focused on an agile development program to get the product to market quickly and cost effectively for Lotto NZ. Once released, real-world usage statistics and feedback have been used to continue to refine the product, with development being informed by customer data and feedback.

Relevant notifications add convenience for players

Lotto NZ's text service adds an additional dimension to the unique products and services offered to New Zealand Lotto players, allowing people to subscribe to text alerts for when jackpots reach a certain level. This allows Kiwis who may not be playing Lotto regularly to purchase a ticket quickly and easily, when and where it suits them. 

Customer holding Powerball tickets

We want our players to be able to play their favourite games where and when it suits them best. It's all about convenience.

Ben Coney - Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Lotto NZ

Driving greater customer engagement

Lotto NZ has several channels through which customers purchase their products. From the traditional Lotto store, through to and the Lotto NZ App. Lotto NZ's text service adds a new dimension to these channels by harnessing technology New Zealanders know and use to  help make playing Lotto even more convenient. 

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Players can already buy tickets online at MyLotto and check tickets through the Lotto NZ ticket-checker App. Now we've added another way for Kiwis to use their phone to buy a ticket with a quick text. 

Ben Coney - Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Lotto NZ

Customer getting tickets in store

Responsible gaming and identity management 

Lotto NZ's text service is part of the MyLotto product suite, with users managing their accounts through At all times, Lotto NZ is committed to encouraging responsible play with all online services featuring a range of controls to help users play responsibly. This includes mandatory weekly and monthly spending limits, along with the ability to set personal spending limits and exclude themselves from games.  

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