Our approach

Manufacturers and distributors rely on accurate and timely information to run their businesses.

For many businesses, disparate systems or incomplete, inaccurate and old data significantly hinder their growth and profitability. With so much change and disruption happening in the market, remaining competitive can come down to implementing an ERP suitable for the manufacturing industry. 

Imagine how much easier life would be if you could use a single system to optimise margins and track stock utilisation. What could you do with better insights from your business data?

Business benefits

Solnet has extensive experience when it comes to working with manufacturing and distribution businesses to help them improve their internal systems and gain significant operational efficiencies using manufacturing management software.  

Our business process experts and implementation team work with Odoo, an internationally recognised open-source enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and business management platform. This, combined with our track record of supplying high-quality software implementations to a wide variety of New Zealand businesses, means we’re perfectly attuned to the needs of New Zealand’s manufacturing and distribution organisations. 

Gain complete visibility of all the information in your business

One of the main hindrances to New Zealand businesses is incomplete or disconnected data. As financial reports are often manually collated, creating these documents can consume a significant amount of staff time. Once completed, reports may be inaccurate and/or out of date. 

From financials through to stock management and demand forecasting, we’re able to help optimise your systems with Odoo business management software. Odoo allows you to have a centralised system for all financial, production, stock and customer information. This means you can quickly access what you need, when you need it and be confident about your data's accuracy.     

Odoo, our open source ERP and business management platform   

Odoo is a versatile, open source ERP and business management platform with over two million users globally. With Odoo, we’re able to preserve the unique business processes which give you a competitive advantage whilst bringing significant operational improvement to your business in the form of streamlined and automated processes, improved visibility across the business, and more accurate and timely data.

In addition to the benefits Odoo provides out of the box, we’re able to develop custom Odoo modules and applications which give you additional functionality. This means your ERP and business management system wraps around your unique business processes, so you're not left making your business conform to your software platform. 

Improve stock management accuracy and utilisation

Our business process experts work with you to customise Odoo’s stock management application, which gives clear and accurate reporting of stock holdings and consumption. This provides you with better forecasting data to eliminate the stock you don’t need, frees up working capital and allows you to more accurately manage and optimise your inventory levels.       

Manage your production processes and work scheduling    

We’re able to help you manage your production processes from work instructions through to demand scheduling, Kanban supplies, automated ordering and labour rostering via Odoo’s manufacturing planning tools. These features integrate into the rest of your business management platform from stock to financials, so you get a detailed overview of what's happening. This information is key to decision making and managing your operations effectively.   

Improving your internal systems and keeping your unique processes

Often, when businesses implement an ERP or business management platform, they’re forced to give up processes and ways of working which actually give them unique competitive advantages. With Solnet and Odoo, you can keep the processes which differentiate your business.

Solnet’s expertise lies in our ability to develop and implement ERP and business management systems that conform to your processes via a mix of off-the-shelf Odoo modules and custom development, specific to your business needs. 

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