The Top Five Takeouts from Devops Days Auckland, October 2017

Recently Solnet sponsored the 2017 DevOps Days event in Auckland - the leading DevOps event in New Zealand. Our resident experts Nick, Mat, and Andy share their Top Five takeouts from the two days. Solnet is here to help guide and facilitate your DevOps transition so please get in touch and let us know  we can help. 


Key Takeout One
Agile and DevOps, the engine and the oil of software development

Without DevOps, the Agile promise doesn’t get fulfilled, and without Agile, DevOps doesn’t get the momentum it needs to deliver value at velocity.

DevOps is the oil in the Agile engine, which drives innovation and velocity. The sessions became exciting when Agile and DevOps were seamlessly connected and it’s clear that the leading companies are connecting the two effectively.


Key Takeout Two
Automation and Real-time Analytics go Hand in Hand

The drive to create a Data-Driven Transformation by utilising real-time analytics is extending into automation, where features in software are turned on and off depending on events driven by data. Fast Data Enterprise messaging systems are replacing traditional service buses in leading companies.

Backlogs and verification metric is built around Data and Analytics both in a real-time and post fact fashion. Leading companies will utilise data to make decisions on features as this provides a perfect opportunity to deliver value and underpin the delivery of verifiable outcomes in an automated fashion.


Key Takeout Three
It's all about Culture, Culture, Culture

Similar to last year’s DevopsDays, the focus is on creating an open culture of change, in which discussions and strong collaboration underpin the value driven delivery approach, with DevOps and automation allowing for a smooth, gradual value delivery. Culture is the wheels that drive the development vehicle, just as DevOps is the engine oil and agile is the engine itself.

Given the big investment by Banks and accounting software vendors in all of these aspects in New Zealand, an acceleration and wider adoptions of these paradigms outside the financial sector are going to continue into other companies in this sector and drive into new sectors in an accelerated way.


Key Takeout Four
DevOps is mainstream

DevOps is now mainstream and enables some large organisations to shift their focus from features and requirements to value and outcomes. The wide spread of companies attending DevOpsDays shows that DevOps is no longer just a startup thing and has well and truly permeated the corporate sector.


Key Takeout Five
Continuous integration (CI) / Continuous deployment (CD) mostly still a push-button-into-prod thing

Even though DevOps is here to stay, CI/CD is still widely in its infancy with most organisations still only using it to get code production ready, with production deploys only partially automated and only used to accelerate the push-button-into-prod paradigm.

The biggest push for value and productivity is going to come from this area over the next year as market leaders in DevOps gain confidence with their pipeline.

Solnet is here to help guide and facilitate your DevOps transition so please get in touch and let us know  we can help.