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A robust and expandable open source platform for your operations

As businesses grow they need to deploy systems and processes to enable them to scale their operations effectively. A high-quality ERP and business management solution lets you preserve your unique processes, whilst at the same time making these processes easier to undertake across your business. 

From stock management and inventory, through to manufacturing planning and financial systems, Odoo is a flexible, expandable ERP and business management software platform with more than 2-million users globally. Odoo’s open-source nature means Solnet can help build custom applications to preserve your differentiated business processes and give you a competitive edge. 

ERP experts to help you get the most from Odoo

Solnet’s ERP team comprises the complete range of specialists you need to get the most out of your Odoo implementation. From business analysts and process experts who can quickly assess and understand your business processes, through to in-house software experts who can build and implement a high-quality ERP solution for your business. From there our team can offer continuous enhancements, additional custom functionality or the implementation of further Odoo features. All whilst offering superior, local support for your team when they need it. 

ERP Experts

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ERP, financials and other functions, all in one system

Odoo is a very open and expandable platform, it has the ability to run a number of business processes within Odoo including off the shelf modules such as ERP, financials and HR, along with others. Further to this, the Odoo marketplace has more than 10,000 applications which can be implemented into your system, either for free or via a licence fee, which ensures their continued development.  

Complete integration into your existing business systems

Should you wish to keep some existing systems in place, Odoo can integrate into these via an API which Solnet can develop for you. This means that you can either keep these systems in place, or you can stagger their replacement as you need to. 

Odoo systems integration

Odoo Development

Local development of customised modules

With our in-house Odoo development team we’re able to work with you to build customised modules which fit your business perfectly. Our team is also on hand to continue to develop and enhance these custom elements of your solution, making sure it performs to a high standard and keeps your business running. 

Local or managed hosting

Hosting your ERP and keeping your system running 24/7 for your business can be resource intensive. If you don’t want to host your system yourself, we’re able to implement Odoo on either your infrastructure or our own, packaged hosting option. Our packaged hosting option means you don’t need to bring on additional resources to maintain your ERP system. With the scale of our client-base we’re able to offer you an enterprise-grade hosting package which will keep you running. 

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