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To be successful, organisations must deliver new products or features to the market faster than ever, without compromising on quality. As always, the pressure is on to do more with less, so how can you empower teams to move quickly enough to meet established goals?

As you know, DevOps is a holistic way of working that enables speed and innovation of products or features by creating an ecosystem that supports:

• Continuous Integration (CI)
• Continuous Delivery (CD)
• Continuous Testing (CT)

IT departments within organisations across New Zealand are in different stages of maturity when it comes to DevOps. Those that are more mature are in a better position to meet their goals and fend off competitors and disruption.


Are you happy with where you are on the DevOps journey? If not, we can help you make improvements that add value in the short, medium and long-term future.

What we do

Our DevOps consultants help CIOs and CTOs bridge the divide between Development and Operations to overcome complex problems and accelerate the journey to DevOps maturity. We do this by focusing on key areas we know present big challenges for leaders who are just trying to get things done.

Together we will:

• identify roadblocks and risks,
• establish the best way to overcome challenges,
• reshape your strategy and approach,
• empower people and teams,
• integrate change management into processes, and
• provide implementation and maintenance.

Where we play

In our experience, it’s not just technology that can create challenges, but ways of working, people, and process. One or all of these things can prevent organisations from realising the full potential of DevOps, including:

  • Operating model

    Do you have the right operating model design in place to accelerate delivery? Realising the full potential of DevOps and other organisational capabilities often comes down to how people, processes, data and technology are aligned. You can have 85% of the puzzle complete but still feel daily pain, experience diminishing returns and bottlenecks.

    How we help:

    • We specialise in operating model design for enterprise and government

    • We help you create a clear picture of your current state and future state

    • We deliver a step by step plan to accelerate reaching your goals

  • People and culture

    Attracting and retaining the right people is a real challenge at the moment. There are different ways to address this including cross-training and coaching but this is only one piece of the puzzle. Are you empowering people and teams to take action? Have you cultivated the right mindset? Have you developed a plan for coaching people through change?

    How we help:

    • We supply talented people to immediately fill gaps to kickstart progress

    • We cross-train the talent you already have

    • We coach teams to establish new processes and ease change

  • Delivery mindset

    It takes great skill to develop custom solutions and tools, but the pace of business demands different tactics and tools. When you scale up your DevOps initiatives, DIY tools are just not that effective anymore. While it’s easy to say “well, just get new tools”, often the mindset surrounding delivery needs to be addressed for long-term success.

    How we help:

    • We carry out a DevOps architecture assessment, where we look at current practices and tools

    • We recommend options that will help you achieve your goals

    • We work with stakeholders to demonstrate benefits and ease change

  • Change management

    We know change can be difficult. We also know change management practices sometimes seem at odds with DevOps best practices. So how can your organisation ensure ‘new’ ways of working have positive impacts?

    How we help:

    • We work with you to uncover the true roadblocks preventing CI, CD, CT

    • We design a transition-focused action plan that builds change into the delivery mindset and processes

    • We provide DevOps coaching to encourage new behaviours and practices

  • Funding approaches

    Fundamentally, a shift is necessary for success in today’s business environment. Organisations still operating with a project-based focus will struggle to meet their goals, especially in the face of disruption and digital-ready competitors.

    How we help:

    • We partner with you to build the case for change

    • We examine what’s working and lay out the benefits and risks with a different approach

    • We build a roadmap that will enable you to advance from your current state to future state

  • Outsourced IT agreements

    It's necessary in today's world to build partnerships that enable you to deliver more while keeping costs down. Sometimes these partnerships need a little more work and fine-tuning to ensure everything is humming.

    How we help:

    • We create a value stream map for your current processes

    • We identify problems and recommend the best ways to overcome them

    • We help you set up a continuous ecosystem built for speed

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