Testing & Automation

Confidence that your web services and applications will perform under load is a critical measure for IT teams and organisations. Your customers and internal teams rely on these systems daily and the risk of unanticipated downtime to your brand and productivity is significant. 

Our teams employ a number of testing techniques which are not only robust, but efficient and cost effective. We involve developers, business stakeholders and end users in our processes, to make sure that your systems are reliable under a variety of circumstances. 

How we help test your applications and web services

  • Automation frameworks

    We use automation test frameworks where developers, testers and business analysts contribute to test scripts, for both superior speed and robust testing outcomes. 

  • Mobile app testing

    We use emulators and an extensive library of physical devices, so you can be sure your project works in the real world. 

  • Usability testing

    We test with real people, making sure that user journeys are simple and intuitive. This means your users and customers can access information, products and services easily.  

  • Cloud based testing

    We utilise cloud bases services for browser and mobile testing so we always have capacity.  

  • Continuous integration tools

    Your tests can be triggered the moment a new build is deployed, saving time and leading to rapid release cycles. 

  • Service testing

    We're able to automate your representational state transfer (REST) services to make sure your web services can be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time. 

  • Multi threading

    We're able to test the same application across multiple devices, at the same time and monitor rests for fast, efficient and accurate testing. 

  • Load testing

    We test across a number of load scenarios for resilience and durability, to make sure you're always available for your customers and users. 

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