Our approach

As business transactions become more digitally focused, the importance of cyber security continues to increase. Risks are not only external, many organisations have significant exposure to internal issues. With the rise of 'bring your own device', free cloud services and even losing physical devices with sensitive information, internal IT teams are stretched further than ever before to maintain and protect their systems and networks.  

Business benefits

Our team works across your organisation to assess any security requirements for both local and cloud based systems, helping you protect your organisation and customer data. We're then able to recommend products and strategies which can be used to maintain cyber and data security, for continuity of operation and security.   

Our cyber & data security expertise

Cloud services management
We help you identify and manage cloud security issues and any independent cloud services which may be in use across your organisation. 

Security audits and strategic advice
We're on hand to audit and advise on the state of cyber and information security across your organisation. 

Business continuity services
We work with you to develop strategies and utilise tools which will keep your business running. 

Testing and simulation
We're able to stress test and simulate how your systems perform, alerting you to any critical fixes you should make. 

Information storage and management
We help you construct and manage your information storage and management systems, protecting your IP and data. 

Access and control services
Our team works with your organisation to understand who has access to data, how access is managed and what policies you need. 

You're in good company

We're helping leading New Zealand organisations design and deliver their digital futures.

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