Our approach

Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of how your customers are digitally engaging with your brand and services.

By understanding your customers' journeys and mapping their experiences you can understand how and where digital can enhance their experience.

We map customer experiences against the multiple touch-points they are interacting with such as websites, mobile apps, in-store experiences and call centres. This process helps develop user personas that represent the needs, goals, and feelings of your customers.

Over time customer analytics, interviews and feedback allow us to further build a picture of the satisfaction and pain points throughout their journey. 


Business benefits

Removing complex interactions and simplifying the process leads to improved customer engagement, satisfaction and higher goal completion rates.

Understanding and simplifying the end-to-end customer journeys can provide valuable insights, leading to reduced pressure on call centre and front-of-house staff.

Ongoing reviews of customer journeys allows you to further personalise them to provide improved feedback and customer retention.

Mapping digital customer journeys to offline and in-store interactions allows you to compare like-for-like with online and offline experiences.

Our Customer Journey Mapping Expertise

Design thinking workshops and processes
Design thinking is a methodology that champions 'what we want to be' so it's the perfect tool for defining customer journeys. 

ROI and KPI measurement
Do you know how engaged your customers are? Do you understand when and where its failing or delivering? Every customer journey has to have a measured outcome and we can help define those and provide methods to improve those interactions.

Web based customer journey testing tools
By creating testable customer journeys, we can quickly gain feedback and make changes based on customer interactions.