Our approach

When developing a new digital project we create a solid IA to lay the foundations. IA allows you to manage content and assets along with SEO expectations easily. It also gives definition to the services you are offering.

We work collaboratively with your customers and internal stakeholders to help structure, refine, optimise and manage the content that sits within the IA. Because every project has different needs we use a variety of techniques including user interviews, card sorting, direct observation, focus groups, rapid prototyping and A/B testing to achieve the best results.

Business benefits

Good IA is an essential component of the overall user experience (UX). In both websites and mobile apps, providing an intuitive information architecture improves overall customer satisfaction and lets your users self-serve, transact and interact more effectively. 

Helping your customer quickly navigate your content helps improve overall customer satisfaction. 

Our IA expertise

Design thinking workshops and processes
This highly collaborative methodology allows us to quickly structure an open-ended IA that meets your business needs.

Web-based IA tools
These tools allow us to mockup IA models quickly so we can get feedback and demonstrate the navigational experience.

Experience analytic tools
IA needs to be flexible so you can respond to customer expectations. Our analytics tools allow you to see where customers are visiting and make decisions accordingly.