Our approach

Whether designing mobile responsive websites or native apps, we start by understanding the goals of both your business and your customers. After mapping out the key user journeys we then use rapid interactive prototypes to help the wider team engage with the application and provide feedback early in the process. We design and build applications using modern technologies that offer outstanding performance, responsiveness and maintainability. Our designers work closely with software engineers during the project to understand the best ways to achieve their goals in terms of application performance.

Business benefits

Customers are increasingly interacting with brands on mobile devices first. By providing consumers with intuitive digital experiences that respond across seamlessly different device types helps drive engagement and loyalty. Quality mobile and responsive applications help provide consumers, B2B partners and internal staff with the tools to engage with your organisation effectively.

Our mobile and responsive design expertise

Contextually responsive design
Responsive design allows you to tailor the customers experience by device and context allowing you to trim down content and structure to suit a more simplified experience.

Mobile First development
Developing for small screens first allows you to perfect the design and ensure it will work across the majority of devices. It also answers the majority of development questions, meaning the designs for tablet and large screens becomes a lot easier to develop.

Content managed design
We have to consider the options when building a site - what happens if this content is no longer required - how does that affect the design? We develop content managed designs that cope with change and give you flexibility to add and remove content as required without looking 'broken'.

Bandwidth optimised delivery
Assumptions can be made when using responsive design as to what type of content should be displayed by device type. It can be as simple as swapping the large images for desktop for smaller versions for mobile. Or reworking the entire site to display differently between devices.