Our approach

Are you responsible for delivering a digital product?

As you already know, defining products can touch multiple teams in your organisation. Yet, sharing concepts using wireframes and flat designs doesn't allow for meaningful trials.

At Solnet, we believe web-based rapid prototyping saves time and better defines the product vision earlier, which reduces the risk of customer rejection. 

Business benefits

Rapid prototyping gets your product in front of key stakeholders, owners and their customers faster. You gain time to iteratively perfect design, function and usability long before you've talked to a developer.

Once your product is 'ready' we can then use the prototype to develop user requirements and inform how it should work, look and feel. This drives down cost and improves the performance of the final product. Watch the short video below for an overview of our Rapid Product Roadmap™ offering.

What we do

Design thinking workshops and processes
Our team employs design thinking as a cornerstone to rapidly developing products and their underlying customer purpose. 

ROI and KPI measurement
Do you know how well your product is doing? Do you understand when and where it's failing or delivering? Every product needs a method to measure value; we can help define those measurements.

Web based rapid prototyping tools
By delivering rapid prototypes, we can quickly gain feedback and make changes based on customer interactions.

Prototyping usability tests
Sometimes you have to test the tests to make sure you're getting the feedback you require. Our team can devise testing regimes and techniques to get the most out of your prototype.

Proof of concepts (PoCs)
Take the vision a step closer to reality – building on the prototype – to deliver integrated solutions for in-depth testing with a confined audience.  

Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
Refining the PoC to a level where it can be released as a full-fledged product. These trials are packed with data capture to measure 'in the wild' usage patterns and behaviour.