Our approach

Digital experiences have become a key component of overall customer satisfaction. Internal teams are often too close to the product and service offerings to have an objective understanding of how real customers are interacting with the digital experience. 

We work with customers using a variety of well-recognised techniques to understand how we can streamline and optimise the experience to remove friction as users complete their goals. From expert reviews to 1:1 usability testing and focus groups, we ensure that your digital experiences are optimised to deliver real value to your customers.

Business benefits

Customers are increasingly using digital channels as the primary channel for engagement with brands and public service providers. Well designed testing can be used in conjunction with other customer feedback methods like web analytics, online surveys and checkout feedback.

Optimising the experience through robust and objective usability testing helps improve the experience leading to increased revenue, customer retention and self-service satisfaction. Testing your digital channels can increase customer advocacy and recommendations, and drive conversions whatever your business objectives. 

Our usability expertise

Web-based rapid prototyping tools
By delivering rapid prototypes, we can quickly gain feedback and make changes based on customer interactions.

Prototyping usability tests
Sometimes you have to test the tests to make sure you're getting the feedback you require. Our team can devise testing regimes and techniques to get the most from your prototype.

Proof of concepts (PoCs)
Take the journey closer to reality – building on the prototype – to deliver integrated solutions for in-depth testing with a confined audience.  


Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
Refine PoCs to a level where they can be released as fully-fledged products. We use data and analytics to capture 'in the wild' usage patterns and behaviour.

Ongoing user testing and measurement
Testing is an ongoing learning process for you and your customers. We use a variety of techniques including A/B split testing, analytic reviews and goal setting to ensure your business understands customer needs and can respond as these needs change.

If your project is launching globally we have access to international testers for in-market testing and usability feedback.