SaaS Consolidation 

Organisations are now spending more than ever before on software services. Often these services become distributed across different departments and business units with duplication, diluting your ability to achieve scale and cost reduction via your SaaS systems.

Our team consults with organisations to audit their SaaS landscape, creating a baseline from which performance and progress can be measured. Combining this with Solnet's strong technology credentials our teams also help businesses to consolidate and manage their SaaS systems and data more effectively, generating valuable operational outcomes.

How we help optimise your SaaS investment

  • Organisation wide SaaS audits and strategic advice

    We work with your internal teams and stakeholders to audit your current SaaS landscape, recommend any savings or de-duplication and help you manage your SaaS policies for your organisation. 

  • SaaS and Cloud security audits

    In many organisations SaaS and Cloud services are completely decentralised, causing significant security, IP and data risks. We help you manage those currently in place, shutting out harmful systems and keeping those you really need. 

  • Consolidation and data management strategies

    Your data is only useful if people across your organisation can access it to inform and enable their decisions. Our team of experts are able to assist in the management of enterprise-wide data, integrating siloed systems, whilst maintaining data integrity and security. 

  • SaaS vendor recommendations and selection

    Our team can help select the best SaaS vendor for your organisation. Solnet is technology agnostic and our experts are on hand to help develop RFP and other assessment tools to ensure you get the best value from your investment. 

  • Integration of SaaS and existing systems

    Often SaaS systems will need to access data which is held within existing systems across your organisation. Solnet's technical experts are able to manage integration, including any custom development which may be required for you to connect various SaaS and existing databases you utilise. 

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