Maintain, enhance and de-risk your existing systems

As enterprises become more and more networked, IT resilience and continuity continues to rise in importance. Internal teams often need to supplement their skills and capacity with external expertise to keep their organisation running 24/7/365.  

We ensure that your investment in software is optimised by keeping it relevant, stable and available for as long as you need it. We focus on improving application functionality and reliability through technical expertise, active management and keeping close to our clients as their business changes. 

Our support & assurance services

  • We help you by adding capability to your existing applications so they can continue to deliver value across your organisation

  • We look after your critical business systems so you can rest assured that they're ready when called upon

  • Our team can take care of your cloud and hosting needs so you can scale up your infrastructure quickly

  • We keep your systems, people and data safe with audits and specialist security products

  • Solnet's platform specialists make sure that your business platforms are available and ready to deliver

  • Our people have a wide range of expertise when it comes to dealing with specialist vendor-specific products

We help answer your questions

  • What is our application development roadmap and lifecycle plan?

  • For operational reasons we can?t commit to a wholesale replacement right now, what are our intermediate options?

  • we're not engaged with the people who developed this application anymore, how do I upgrade it?

  • How confident are we in our ability to run 24/7/365?

  • How do I up-resource my internal teams without adding more headcount?

  • How many cloud services currently exist within our organisation and do we know their terms of use?

  • How do we upgrade or move away from platforms causing us excessive downtime?

  • What?s the right mix of platforms to meet our business objectives?

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Phillip Stallworthy

Phillip Stallworthy


Enterprise Support Capability Manager

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Rob Veal


Branch Manager, Northern Region

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Case Studies

Our latest thinking

Helping MTA upgrade their digital channels

Nathan Soich | 23 May 2017

Helping MTA upgrade their digital channels

Approaching their centenary, the Motor Trade Association (MTA) were looking to refresh their web presence, they wanted to create digital channels and user-journeys that both their members and the general public would find valuable and engaging when accessing

How to improve your digital production line

Nick Evans | 15 May 2017

How to improve your digital production line

Success in almost all organisations results from delivering features that are highly valued by your customers, at a rate that is faster than your competitors. As interactions migrate to digital channels, more of the value that your organisation provides is in its digital products - websites, apps, APIs etc.

Solnet appointed to All-of-Government Web Services Panel

Nathan Soich | 11 May 2017

Solnet appointed to All-of-Government Web Services Panel

Solnet, a leading New Zealand provider of digital and technology innovation to government and private enterprise, today announced that it is now an approved supplier for a wider range of  services following its appointment to the All-of-Government Web Services Panel.