Our approach

Our technical experts design hybrid cloud solutions that retain data sovereignty and security. We can also assist your IT teams with legacy and cloud integration even in the most complex legacy operating environments.

Business benefits

Businesses today can combine the security of on-premise software with the flexibility of cloud services. We bring extensive experience designing and delivering both cloud and hybrid cloud technology solutions for New Zealand organisations, each with their specific requirements.

Our hybrid cloud expertise

Organisation-wide cloud strategy
Many organisations lack a unified cloud strategy. Our experts are able to consult with key business stakeholders and recommend a complete strategy for your various users. 

Security and risk audits
Most organisations have little visibility of the extent to which their people use the cloud. Some services are robust and secure, others have significant security, data sovereignty and legal risks. With our tools, we're able to assess your current state, and recommend next steps.   

Management and consolidation of cloud services
If you have a number of services performing similar functions, we're able to recommend strategies to reduce licence costs and consolidate services and data into a more manageable cloud stack. 

Legacy technology integration
Many organisations have legacy technology which still gives significant value. Our team can help integrate and augment your existing technology stack to get the best of both worlds. 

Data, IoT and application development
We help you unlock the cloud's potential so you can use data for better decision making, application development and deployment via cloud environments. 

Cloud and hybrid cloud implementation
As well as advice at a strategic level, we can also help deploy cloud and hybrid cloud systems for your organisation. Either as a full end-to-end project, or as part of a team working with your own people. 

You're in good company

We're helping leading New Zealand organisations design and deliver their digital futures.

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