Our approach

Business agility is vital for success in a digital world. Enabling flexible, scalable cloud solutions allows the right response to rapidly changing market conditions. 

We're here to help New Zealand organisations achieve their goals on the cloud journey while optimising costs. 

Solnet provides a complete service from ideation to solution design to implementation, support and optimisation. 

Business benefits

Efficiency, speed, flexibility, and security, are all well-known benefits of using the cloud or hybrid cloud solutions to modernise operations. Yet, there are so many more - more than a simple paragraph can cover!

We accelerate progress by working with your IT teams to identify and deliver the best cloud solution. We work with well-known, trusted cloud providers to ensure great outcomes.

Our cloud expertise

Organisation-wide cloud strategy
Our experts can consult with key business stakeholders and recommend a complete strategy for your various users. 

Security and risk audits
Most organisations have little visibility of the extent to which their people use the cloud. Some services are robust and secure, others have significant security, data sovereignty and legal risks. With our tools, we're able to assess your current state, and recommend next steps.   

Management and consolidation of cloud services
If you have a number of services performing similar functions, we're able to recommend strategies to reduce licence costs and consolidate services and data into a more manageable cloud stack. 

Legacy technology integration
Many organisations have legacy technology which still gives significant value. Our team can help integrate and augment your existing technology stack to get the best of both worlds. 

Data, IoT and application development
We help you unlock the cloud's potential so you can use data for better decision making, application development and deployment via cloud environments. 

Cloud and hybrid cloud implementation
As well as advice at a strategic level, we can also help deploy cloud and hybrid cloud systems for your organisation. Either as a full end-to-end project, or as part of a team working with your own people. 

Our partners 

Let us deliver your cloud-optimised business solutions and transform your business operations.

  • AWS

    Solnet is an AWS Public Sector Partner, as well as an advanced Cloud Migration Partner. 

  • Microsoft Azure

    Solnet is a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in cloud advisory, solution design and Azure cloud deployment.

Thinking about migrating to the cloud? Scale up your potential. Modernise your business.

Avoid the risks and pitfalls of migrating applications to the cloud with Solnet's expertise. Solnet, now part of Accenture, has supported numerous New Zealand public sector and enterprise organisations to improve operations for better outcomes in a digital world.

When migrating to the cloud, we believe it's important to understand the value and risk involved with any potential application migration.

Our pre-migration assessment helps organisations:

• avoid serious risks and operational inefficiencies,
• optimise costs,
• and accelerate delivery.

Fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch about a pre-migration assessment. There's no obligation! In the meantime, enjoy reading your copy of our guide.


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