Solnet expert speaks at local STEM event

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Solnet, recently sponsored a student-led science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) event at St Kentigern College, in Auckland, to help year 13 student, Ebba Olsen, spark more interest in these topics.

STEM is a popular acronym for education programmes credited with changing the way science, technology, engineering and maths are taught in schools. By integrating the four disciplines, rather than teach them independently, students gain a better understanding of how these areas can be applied in combination to solve real-world problems. The ultimate goal is to help New Zealand youths prepare for the economy of the future, which is predicted to be digital and tech-oriented.

Ebba, currently chairperson for St. Kent’s STEM Council, also invited the Solnet team to present. As a maths and science aficionado, Ebba wants to help others follow their interests, particularly other young women.

“Sometimes, I’ve been the only girl in class but I hope others won’t be put off by this. If more of us pursue the subject we love rather than worrying about that, then things will change”, says Ebba. 

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Ebba thanks David for a great talk and the support offered by Solnet. Ebba will go on to study maths and computer science after graduation.

David Plumpton, a senior software engineer at Solnet, was pleased to put together a talk describing his views on developing technologies.

"As a science and Sci-Fi fan, it was fun to look at several plausible future science and technology advances and speculate how they might impact our lives in the coming years”, says David. “Of course, some developing technology won’t take off, but some seemingly far-flung ideas are becoming closer and closer to reality. This is what will make the next 5 to 10 years so interesting.

It was great to see quite a few students turn up, and it was interesting talking to them about their views on the ideas presented.”