Our approach

As enterprises become more networked, IT resilience and continuity remain essential. Our specialist support team helps you maintain, enhance and de-risk your existing systems. 

How, you ask? We supplement your internal teams with the skills and capacity to keep your organisation running 24/7/365.  

Business benefits

We ensure that your investment in software is optimised by keeping it relevant, stable and available for as long as you need it.

Further, we focus on improving application functionality and reliability through technical expertise, active management and working with you to handle business changes. 

Our support & assurance services

  • We help you by adding capability to your existing applications so they can continue to deliver value across your organisation.

  • We look after your critical business systems so you can rest assured they'll deliver what you need when you need it.

  • Our team can manage your cloud and hosting needs so you can scale up your infrastructure as quickly as business demands.

  • We keep your systems, people and data safe with specialist security products and regular audits.

  • Solnet's platform specialists make sure that your business platforms are available and ready to deliver.

  • Our people have a wide range of expertise when it comes to dealing with specialist or vendor-specific products.

Does your organisation rely on Legacy Enterprise Java Applications, Middleware or Integration Systems?

• Do you feel these business-critical applications are slowing you down and becoming too expensive to maintain?

• Do you think these systems pose a significant or growing risk profile for your business?

Legacy applications are a vital part of how many organisations deliver value to their customers. Yet, it seems more challenging than ever to ensure the right people are always available to provide support for these applications. To complicate matters, the digital world is 24/7 — we all need to avoid gaps in service that can leave customers frustrated. We also need to integrate legacy back-end applications with new digital front ends to create the best customer experiences, leaving serious enhancements to carry out. 

If you want to know how you can optimise Legacy Application Support and keep costs down, download our free guide to learn more.

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