Our approach

Many organisations have made significant investments in existing systems which are critical to their operations.

Whilst the core functionality of these applications is still relevant, changing operational requirements mean these systems need to change as well. Making enhancements to your systems not only extends their serviceable life but also reduces the cost of operation.

Business benefits

Our specialists work with your internal teams to identify future requirements and build detailed roadmaps for the maintenance and enhancement of your critical applications. Keep your systems running smoothly and delivering value to the organisation.

Our application enhancement expertise

Existing application development
We can assess any feature or performance gaps within your existing applications and have our software development teams make improvements. 

Application development roadmap and lifecycle plans
Our specialists are able to help with building development roadmaps and lifecycle planning for your current applications based on user requirements. 

Resource support for faster internal application development
Should you need additional resource to help you flex up for a particular project, our team of experienced developers is on hand to work with your team to create extra bandwidth and capability. 

Management of legacy applications
We're on hand to help manage and support your legacy applications to ensure that institutional knowledge is retained and leveraged in your organisation.  

Application audits, assessment and development recommendations
Our development teams are able to audit and assess what the next steps should be for your legacy applications in terms of improvements, management or replacement. 

You're in good company

We're helping leading New Zealand organisations design and deliver their digital futures.

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