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The expectation of government is that it is now available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, whenever the public needs to interact and carry out transactions.

It doesn't stop there. Our citizens also want intuitive experiences and good website design. Government agencies, who wish to be seen as successful stewards of productivity, must shift to a digital-first mode of thinking, designing new services and interactions digitally from the ground up. All of this must be carried out whilst maintaining critical government systems, safeguarding people's private data and offering consistent and constant availability of service. 


Our in-depth experience and strong track record of delivering successful digital projects, at scale to government is underpinned by our experience in strategy, technology, delivery and world-class support to our clients in both central and local government. 

We work with government to design new digital services, upgrade and enhance their existing technology platforms, along with supporting and maintaining their underlying, core legacy systems for improved resilience and availability. 

Digital transformation for government

As Kiwis increasingly transact digitally across every aspect of our daily lives, our expectations around interaction with government change. The challenge is for government to move quickly to a digital-first mindset, whilst still maintaining high standards of data protection, security and reliability.   

Solnet helps agencies across local and central government organise their strategic thinking across digital services, products and their internal processes and systems. We leverage our end-to-end expertise from the design of high-quality user experiences, through to maintaining and enhancing the underlying systems which agencies rely on to deliver services to millions of New Zealanders. 

Transforming government enterprise IT systems 

Whilst digital products and services are growing in importance for government, agencies own internal systems still need to be maintained, developed or elevated to newer, modern platforms. 

Solnet engages widely across government, offering strategic advice and technology expertise to help agencies adopt and manage their software processes such as DevOps and Agile. We also work with our clients to help them make the right technology choices and architect solutions which will underpin high levels of resilience and reliably deliver services to those who rely on them. 

Large-scale digital transaction systems for Results 10

As part of Results 10, government is aiming to digitise 70% of the most common transactions New Zealanders make with government agencies. This requires a complete rethink of many of the current static websites, digital platforms and technologies. 

With our expertise across user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI), combined with our extensive background in delivering government digital services at scale, Solnet is the perfect partner to help digitise high-frequency public sector transactions. 

Case study: transforming the way business interacts with government

One of small businesses' major pain points is employment issues. It's a mandatory legal requirement for all employees to have an employment agreement, yet these agreements often trip up small businesses.

With this in mind, business.govt.nz was looking for a solution for businesses to self-serve when it came to developing compliant, high-quality employment agreements via an easy and intuitive online portal.

The Employment Agreement Builder contained two main parts. Firstly, a web application for end users to interact with, create and download their employment agreements. And, a back-end server system which provided core services to the web application, allowing business.govt.nz's content managers to easily manage the system.

Leading a team of partners, Solnet managed the complete solution from workshopping and user requirements testing, through to development and implementation.  

Web application design, development and support

At Solnet, we are experts in development and support. With our extensive Enterprise Support Team, UX, UI and CX consultants we are able to design and deliver solutions to government which not only meet the high expectations of digital consumers, but also meet the needs of government agencies for integration with their existing systems and processes. 

Cloud and hybrid cloud services for government

Cloud services and platforms are allowing government agencies to modernise their technology stack,improve their operational performance and offer new services. 

Our team are experts at helping government agencies manage their cloud strategy. We offer sound strategic advice which goes beyond simply replicating your current systems into a cloud environment. We recommend which technologies are right for which applications and optimise these systems for your organisation. 

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