Our approach

Financial services are undergoing significant change in both technology and customer interaction. Product design, speed of delivery and digital offerings are now all vital parts of the customer experience. Companies who can successfully leverage their digital and technology resources will succeed and continue to grow in the face of these changes.  

Business benefits

Solnet has extensive experience across large and complex organisations engaging in financial transactions. We provide our clients with strategic advice, technology expertise, platforms and superior implementation of their business-wide digital and enterprise IT solutions.   

We are experts in organisations to offer their products via effective digital channels, manage agile development and utilise technology for measurable business improvement. 

Build customer loyalty with superior digital experiences   

Today's digital consumer expects to use banking and financial services via a multitude of channels. Whilst human interactions add significant value for complex or risky processes, at other times, customers have high expectations and preferences about how they consume services. They want these interactions to be on their terms.

Our end-to-end offering from digital strategy through to delivery and support lets you quickly develop and deploy engaging, high-quality experiences for your customers. Our expertise in working in high-frequency transaction environments and our specialist knowledge of UX/UI, through to mobile development and support, creates an excellent customer experience, building loyalty with your existing customers — and enticing new ones from your competitors.   

Organising your enterprise IT environment for rapid development    

The rate of technological change across all industries is increasing. Alongside the battle for customer loyalty and engagement, the rest of the organisation needs to move to a footing where it can support rapid digital product development and agile execution.   

Solnet's expertise allows us to bridge the business-enterprise IT divide. We understand both your business requirements and front-end digital objectives, as well as what it takes to make it happen within your enterprise IT environment. We assess and implement the right technologies from platform as a service (PaaS), through to cloud services and API management to help you deliver at speed. 

Managing continuity of operation and change plans for existing business systems

As the pace of change within your organisation increases, you need a plan to deal with your legacy technology stack. Whilst the business may want to move to new systems immediately, often cost, organisational bandwidth and the processes these systems are embedded in make this impossible.     

Our team of consultants and solution architects have significant experience with helping clients develop practical enterprise IT strategies enabling them to get the most from their existing technology and, at the same time, enhancing, replacing and decommissioning those pieces of the technology stack which are no longer required. 

Automation solutions for complex customer transactions   

Making increasingly complex products available via digital channels is continuing to become more important, particularly as financial services providers seek to differentiate themselves.  

Solnet can help you automate specific parts of your complex transaction processes to remove manual steps no longer adding much value. Whether it be automated document reviewing or digitising paper-based processes for both consumers and internal teams, there are significant operational performance benefits in terms of both cost and speed which can be unlocked for your team. 

A world-class support offering for your digital transformation 

For many organisations, the pace of change and the increased complexity of managing both new systems and their existing legacy applications can cause significant strain. Compounding this is the need to continue to enhance systems as a response to changing organisational requirements. 

Solnet maintains an industry-leading support capability. We help you manage your systems by either augmenting your existing support function or by taking care of the whole process. With our comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we manage some of the largest, most complex and most critical systems across New Zealand to keep them performing at their optimal level for our clients and their customers. 

Delivering digital change for New Zealand organisations

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