Our approach

Using the latest frameworks, approaches and technologies, Solnet develops mobile applications fit for enterprise and government. We team with our clients to manage delivery from end-to-end to ensure the final product offers customers a high-quality experience that meets needs, drives engagement and creates revenue. 

When dealing with legacy technology and needing to integrate back-end systems to surface data, the work required to deliver a successful mobile application is often more complicated than it seems at first glance. There is so much more to consider than front-end design, which is why our approach balances all aspects required to deliver a successful mobile application. 

Business benefits

As people's expectations of mobile continue to grow, well developed mobile applications increase in importance. Use a mobile application to:

• increase engagement and communication with customers
• add value through a loyalty programme
• promote digital products and services
• digitise and automate tasks or processes that were previously manual and/or repetitive
• reinvent process or eliminate processes that no longer serve the organisation
• meet customer needs and improve data quality through self-service features
• collect new data about transactions and customer behaviour that can fuel insights

Uncovering business requirements 

We help lead discovery before any development begins to understand where the business is headed and what needs the mobile application needs to answer. Once we understand the direction and outcomes, we can work alongside your team to uncover existing business processes and determine how to reimagine them to best support a mobile application. 

Discovery and planning for mobile

Mobile phone; city lights  

Increase engagement & connection

Whether at home or on the go, mobile phones have surpassed desktop computers as the device of choice. A mobile device is almost always with your customers or employees, and communications can be delivered to the fingertips at the press of a button. Ensure the experience you intend to create delivers more - more engagement; more value. Our experts will help lead thinking about features, tools or services.

Skilful integrations & APIs

While good UI design is important, it's only a start. There's so much at work behind the scenes to enable the right data to be surfaced at the right time to enable the features and functionality stakeholders need. We plan and develop the integrations and APIs required so that back-end systems can deliver. We do the hard yards so you can give customers what they want.


Integrations and APIs

We develop for Android and iOS, and we specialise in:  

  • Cross-Native Application Development

  • Hybrid Application Development

  • Progressive Web Application (PWA) Development

Are you planning to develop a custom mobile application? 

Creating a new mobile experience to unlock value is exciting! However, like many other larger projects, embarking on the journey typically reveals unexpected layers of complexity. 

So, when planning to create a new mobile application, what's necessary to be successful? Download our Mobile Application Development guide, where we discuss the steps to deliver a mobile application, at speed, that meets needs and creates great ROI.

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