Searching for a better way?

Quality Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software should support a full range of processes, including customer and supplier integration, necessary to compete in today’s complex business environment.

• Are you dealing with many disparate business systems that create tedious, manual steps because data doesn't flow between applications?

• Are you tired of grappling with limited functionality and multiple data sets?

• Are you concerned about the integrity of customer data?

As technology and customer demands are changing more quickly than ever, it pays to have one application, that’s been properly integrated with other systems, streamlining and automating as much as possible.

Who we help

Small to medium to large New Zealand organisations that want a unified, customised solution that will scale. Do you need:

• CRM software
• accounting software
• manufacturing software
• logistics software
• HR software; or
• Health and Safety software?

We are a top ERP solution provider can help you manage all these needs. 

Whether you’re implementing an ERP solution for the first time or looking to replace software that’s reaching the end of its useful life, we can help you evaluate your options. 

Get started with an ERP assessment

Working out all the necessary ERP requirements for your business is a big job. Yet, once you have a clear picture of what you need, focusing on a set of viable solutions becomes much easier. 

What you get: 

• Independent discovery process. Our ERP consultants and systems experts investigate and uncover all requirements

• An in-depth report detailing your ERP needs

• Our recommendations for next steps. It’s much easier to decide on a solution when you know what you need.

Solnet is a local organisation that understands what it takes to succeed in the New Zealand market. We also know that every organisation is different, which means there’s no one size fits all approach to implementing the best ERP system for your business.

Whether you choose Solnet or another provider to implement your solution, you’ll walk away with detailed insights and a clear path forward.

We are a preferred Odoo implementation partner

Whether you need a full-scale solution or a stand-alone module, we can help you accelerate delivery and customisation. Odoo is:

• Open source
• Enterprise ready
• Known for its in-depth functionality 
• Fully customisable
• Easy to use 

Why choose to work with an implementation partner?

Working with the right partner gives you:

• peace of mind; and 
• removes the burden of implementing and customising your solution.

What’s great about working with knowledgeable consultants, like ours, is they’ve seen it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly. We can help you identify risks and head off potential problems. 

The benefits of working with our Odoo specialists 

Fast, end-to-end solution delivery
We efficiently implement your customised Odoo solution, delivering to your agreed-upon business requirements. From initial scoping to post-sales support, we handle the entire process.

Custom application development
Using the Odoo platform, we're able to deliver a range of custom applications, from rostering through to e-commerce, which sit alongside your ERP and stock management solutions. Leverage a single source of data to greatly increase accuracy and efficiency.

Unlock data and business insights
Our specialist ERP team integrates Odoo with a range of other business software applications, allowing our clients to continue to use propriety or specialist systems within your business. Enabling these connections can be tricky and you want an implementation partner with the right know how on your side.

Local application support
Solnet provides full training and operational support for your Odoo-based solution. Our ERP specialists are based in New Zealand and provide ongoing enhancements and development to meet your evolving business requirements.

Hosted ERP solutions
Our fully hosted option allows you to completely outsource your hosting functions. This significantly reduces IT overheads and is perfect for internal IT teams with limited bandwidth.

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