Our approach

As a local company, Solnet is committed to helping our clients remain relevant and competitive in our digital economy. Our role is to advise and coach to help businesses better leverage and realise value from data as quickly as possible, make good investments and manage data risks.

We help organisations define their goals, prioritise, and build Data & Analytics capabilities to fuel innovation, efficiency and growth. 

Solnet uses multi-disciplinary techniques to enhance the human decision-making process, supporting it with advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

We also focus on governance as a core part of succeeding with Data & Analytics initiatives, but we take a practical approach to achieve outcomes faster.

Business benefits

• Improved decision-making: Decision-ready data allows organisations to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. 

• Increased efficiency: Streamline data management processes to reduce data duplication, improve data quality, and speed data analysis.

• Better risk management: Ensure data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date for decision making. 

• Enhanced collaboration: Promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing across teams by establishing clear data ownership, accountability, and access policies.

• Improved customer satisfaction: Better understand customers needs and preferences, and develop products and services that meet those needs to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our services 

Our experienced team will guide you along the journey to quickly realise value while mitigating risks that can cause Data & Analytics initiatives to fail.


  • Data Strategy & Roadmap

    Unlock the power of your data to achieve mission-critical goals by creating a clear plan that describes how data will enable and deliver your business strategy. 

  • Operating Model Design & Implementation

    Determine how your organisation will govern, engage, deliver, and support value derived from data and actively support data & analytics capabilities through ongoing activities and investment.

  • Data Governance Design & Implementation

    Accelerate the journey to trusted, secure and valuable data by working with us to identify key areas of focus and rapidly incorporate governance into processes. 

  • Data Risk Assessment & Roadmap

    Data is vital but it must be protected. Solnet offers a data risk assessment and roadmap to uncover potential risks and immediately address them. 

Get the right mix of expertise

What value do you want from your data? Would you like to:

• effectively communicate compelling data insights through storytelling and provide input into the human decision making processes?

• use data to gain agility, drive innovation and improve business performance?

• develop more effective and efficient data management systems and better measure performance?

• prototype, develop and commercialise data products and services

We're here to help. For us, it’s about working with your team to augment and enhance the way your organisation makes decisions around your products, services, processes or experiences. 

To optimise the benefits gained from analytics insights, Solnet brings together advisors, designers, data scientists, data engineers and business intelligence (BI) specialists to highlight data-driven stories about trends and opportunities in your organisation.


Data & Analytics experts

Technology partners 

We work with trusted platform providers, where it makes sense, to help you enable data insights, including:

  • Alation

  • AWS

  • Denodo

  • Microsoft

You're in good company

We're helping leading New Zealand organisations design and deliver their digital futures.

Dental Council
Inland Revenue
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Our latest thinking

Solnet is now part of Accenture

Business Technology Community | 27 Nov 2023

Solnet is now part of Accenture

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has completed its acquisition of Solnet, an IT services provider with deep technology consulting experience for New Zealand government and private organisations.

Solnet to become part of Accenture

Business Technology Community | 16 Nov 2023

Solnet to become part of Accenture

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has agreed to acquire Solnet, an IT services provider with deep technology consulting experience for New Zealand. 

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Event: Crafting the technical innovation roadmap

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