Our approach

What do you want from your data and analytics? Would you like to:

  • effectively communicate compelling data insights through storytelling and provide input into the human decision making processes?

  • use data to gain agility, drive innovation and improve business performance?

  • develop more effective and efficient data management systems and better measure performance?

  • prototype, develop and commercialise data products and services?

Business benefits

At Solnet, we believe data-led actionable intelligence fuels organisational, innovation, efficiency and growth. Purpose-driven data further helps organisations design better services, products and customer experiences. 

To improve the decision-making process, private entities and government alike need to deliver compelling data insights in the form of humanised stories.

Solnet helps Kiwi companies apply relevant techniques and practices to keep pace with both domestic and global competition; the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Uber have already landed on our shores. Others will follow.

Meet Milutin Rmandic, our Director of Data-Driven Transformation 

milutin edm


My passion has always been in improving organisational performance through the use of data. I have a science background and have always looked to data to help me relate to real-world problems — describe those challenges and opportunities — and respond in a meaningful way.

Now, I focus on analytics and data-driven transformation within organisations because I believe this is the key to helping New Zealand businesses compete in an increasingly global economy.  

Leading this advisory services for Solnet, I help clients on their journey by supporting them so they can better leverage and realise value from data and analytics, make sound investments and manage risk. 

The clients I work with know their business better than anybody else. For me, it’s about complementing their skills to drive better outcomes.

Over the past few years, I’ve helped many organisations including large financial institutions, utility and energy companies, retail organisations, airlines and media organisations as well as central and local government.


Functional areas where I can provide assistance include:

  • marketing; delivering data-driven insights into activity and relevant content, significantly enhancing your customer’s experience.

  • customer support; including automation of omnichannel customer interactions.

  • supply chain; improving efficiency across your organisation.

  • products and services development; such as adoption, performance and optimisation.

  • enterprise performance management; including management and operational performance measurements, alignment and interventions.


Backed by Solnet's industry expertise: 

  • government and primary industries

  • manufacturing

  • financial services and insurance

Would you like to know more? Feel free to email me or call me on 09 977 5836 and we’ll find a time to chat.

Data & analytics by Kiwis for Kiwis

As a local company, Solnet is committed to helping our clients remain relevant and competitive in our digital economy. Our role is to advise and coach to help businesses better leverage and realise value from data, make good investments and manage data risks.

Our clients know more about their business than anybody else. Full stop. The key to creating value is to narrow the focus. It’s about uncovering customer pain points and opportunities for the business while formulating strategy and instilling the cultural aspects required to enable success.

Solnet uses multi-disciplinary techniques to enhance the human decision-making process, supporting it with advanced technologies, sometimes including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

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team collaboration

Get the right mix of expertise

The key to unlocking organisation potential is uniting all the right elements.

For us, it’s about working with your team to augment and enhance the way your organisation makes decisions around your products, services, processes or experiences.

To optimise the benefits gained from analytics insights, Solnet brings together advisors, designers, data scientists, data engineers and business intelligence (BI) specialists to highlight data-driven stories about trends and opportunities in your organisation.

Solnet works with you to improve the analytical capability of your decision makers and to zero-in on where you can find immediate business value from this activity.

Technology partners 

We work with trusted platform providers, where it makes sense, to help you enable data insights, including:

  • Informatica

  • Microsoft

  • SAS

You're in good company

We're helping leading New Zealand organisations design and deliver their digital futures.

Dental Council
Inland Revenue
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Our latest thinking

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Business Technology | 18 May 2022

Infrastructure Engineer Hugo McDonald joins Solnet

Hugo McDonald Infrastructure Engineer will start work with large public sector organisations to maintain and upgrade critical systems and services.

Joshua Feng joins Solnet as a Data Engineer

Business Technology | 4 May 2022

Joshua Feng joins Solnet as a Data Engineer

Solnet welcomes Joshua Feng, Data Engineer, who helps our clients migrate data to the cloud.

Solnet welcomes Shailendra Sodhi, Infrastructure Engineer

Business Technology | 4 May 2022

Solnet welcomes Shailendra Sodhi, Infrastructure Engineer

Solnet welcomes Shailendra Sodhi. He will help design and implement infrastructure to deliver optimum business value.