Our promise   

We are committed to delivering improved outcomes for all New Zealanders.

We only want the best for our clients, our people, our communities and our environment. Keeping this promise means using resources wisely, now and in the future. It also means helping our people be their best and taking part in initiatives that empower individuals in the wider community to shine.

Further, we offer support to various organisations and initiatives, especially those that enhance educational opportunities, and those that assist members of our communities who need extra care. 

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Our people

We employ talented people who are driven by passion for what they do.

We offer continual support in defining their training and career development plans, and connect our team with education and resources to advance their goals and personal development. We can only be the best if we help our people continue to develop their skills on their journey with us.

We provide every team member with their own workspace and state of the art ergonomic furniture and computing systems and tools. Our goal is to enable better teamwork and collaboration.

But it's not just about our team, we are dedicated to creating better opportunities for all Kiwis. We're founding sponsors of the original Women in IT group, and we're a long-standing member of Diversity NZ.

Our communities

Solnet is active in our communities at various levels. We’ve sponsored various education-based IT initiatives over the years, including Olympiad in Informatics and the Summer of Tech programme.

We are a member of NZTech (an industry body representing approximately 1,000 high tech companies), and HealthIT, a New Zealand body of providers and consumers of Health information systems products and services.

Solnet also provides regular sponsorship to causes close to our hearts such as the NZME Special Children’s Christmas Party, Kids Foundation, Immunity Deficiency NZ, Rotary Club Circus Quirkus, Lions Club World Festival of Magic. We are a long-standing donor to both Wellington Children’s Hospital and Auckland’s Starship Hospital.

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Our environment

We believe every organisation has a responsibility to help keep New Zealand beautiful.

Solnet actively promotes environmental best practice within our business by:

• complying with all relevant regulatory standards
• providing our team with practical means to reduce waste
• regularly communicating our environmental policy
• establishing environmental impact reduction strategies and
• offsetting unavoidable emissions

We are always looking for new opportunities to reduce our footprint. Areas we continually focus on are energy management, reducing carbon emissions, reducing technology waste, improving recycling, and promoting sustainability through our daily actions.

Our team in action

Solnet expert speaks at local STEM event

Community | 1 Oct 2018

Solnet expert speaks at local STEM event

David Plumpton, a senior software engineer at Solnet, delivers a science and tech-focused talk to inspire youths.

Year 7 student creates organisation to empower young women

Community | 16 Jul 2018

Year 7 student creates organisation to empower young women

The first-ever Spirit & Soul event, “When I was young,” was held recently at Te Papa’s Learning Lab in Wellington. 

TechHub showcases IT & engineering in schools

Community | 30 Apr 2018

TechHub showcases IT & engineering in schools

Read more about why young students across the nation are inspired.



Special Children's Christmas Party
Rotary Club
Wellington Children's Hospital