Digital solutions and strategy for the primary industry

As the world's population increases and with it the desire to consume fresh fruits, vegetables and quality protein, primary producers need to leverage new technologies, data and digital strategies to capitalise on market opportunities and protect their businesses from disruption.  

Solnet has experience with some of New Zealand's most well-known primary industry brands. We provide our clients with input and advice on their digital transformation strategies and deliver robust, enterprise-quality solutions which they can operate at scale. 

Our team are experienced in advising primary industry clients how to leverage digital technologies across their business and value chain, creating new business opportunities, driving organisational efficiencies via smart technology application, and mitigating risk with robust reporting and data management. 


Data, IoT and intelligent supply chains will drive efficiencies for producers and safety for consumers

As the cost of sensors falls, we’re able to produce more data than ever before. Moving forwards and backwards along the value chain, machine learning and cleverly deployed algorithms unlock efficiencies in the form of precision agriculture to improve yields and quality, through to seamless integration with suppliers and customers for purchase decisions, input supply and quality assurance.

Solnet are experts at developing high quality, scaled business applications, data strategies and integration solutions for primary industry players, driving operational improvements, bettering supply chain interaction and providing business intelligence.

Improving communication across the supply chain

Primary producers need to manage a large number of farmer or grower suppliers, giving them feedback about their inputs and communicating business updates. High quality supplier interactions are becoming a key differentiator for primary businesses when it comes to convincing growers or farmers to supply raw products. 

At Solnet we work with organisations within the primary sector to improve their digital communications channels. We're able to develop connected applications which not only provide timely communication right across the supply chain but also make use of business data in a way which adds value to your supplier interactions, building supplier loyalty. 



E-commerce and digital engagement for changing consumer preferences  

As the volume of online transactions increases, food products are increasingly being purchased via digital channels. Consumers expect to know more about their food than ever before and will pay more for products with superior health and environmental stories, which can be verified. 

We help companies develop, deploy, manage and optimise high quality consumer-facing platforms and leverage these in the marketplace. Our experts quickly engage and drive value to your bottom line.  

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